Mangia con arte per agire con arte.Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Verona Futurist



The futurism

A bit of history

Futurism is an artistic and cultural avant-garde movement that was born in Italy at the beginning of the Twentieth Century (Manifesto of Futurism, 1909) and then spread throughout Europe. In a period of great political and social changes and technological breakthroughs, futurists proposed to cut all relations with the past ideologies to pursue a dynamic present, with full faith in progress and technology.

They explored all forms of expression, from painting to literature, from theater to music, from photography to gastronomy. Verona made a notable contribution to the movement, thanks to the efforts of great artists and writers, including Umberto Boccioni, Albino Siviero (known as Verossì) and Amos Ernesto Tomba. Even today, the futurist movement influence artists worldwide.

The Futurist room

The new attraction of the artistic routes in Verona.

Symbol of Futurism from Verona, once a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, the Futurist Room is in Piazza Bra, in the basement of Palazzo Righettini-Fraccaroli, that houses the restaurant pizzeria Olivo 1939.

Here a meticulous restoration, that lasted more than a year, has brought to light a too long forgotten one-of-a-kind Futurist painting cycle, which is now available for tourists and art lovers again. A must-see on your visit to Verona, offering a fascinating insight into the city in the early Twentieth Century, when art and culture were hub of city life.

Wall paintings

Romeo e Giulietta as you've never seen before

The wall paintings of the Futurist Room depict the highlights of the most famous love story in the world, the one of Romeo and Juliet. They are played in their own style by futurist painters Albino Siviero (known as Verossì) and Amos Ernesto Tomba, and matched with the verses of the vernacular poet Giuseppe Barni.


  • Visit the Futurist Room

    You can visit the Futurist Room alone, in group, or reserve it for private and corporate events. The room is available for lunch or dinner with à la carte service on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday lunch.

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  • Futurist menu

    Every day you can try the menu inspired by the Manifesto of Futurist Cooking, written by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, and recreated by the chef of the restaurant Olivo 1939.

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